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P. A. Sebastian 

Director, Division of Arachnology (Ph.D.)

Research Area: Spider Taxonomy, Ecology and Behaviour 
Mob: +91 9447576517

Mathew M. J. 

Assistant Professor, P.G. & Research Dept. of Zoology (Ph.D.)

Research Area: Spider Taxonomy, Ecology and Behaviour 
Mob: +91 9447474648


Pradeep M. Sankaran

Research Fellow (Ph.D.)

Research Area: Systematics of spiders and millipedes
Mob: +91 9947889535

Fr. Jobi M . J. CMI

Research Fellow (Ph.D.)

Research Area: Spider Taxonomy and Ecology of Islands in Kerala
Mob: +91 9562328265

Jimmy Paul

Ph.D. Scholar

Research Area: Spider Taxonomy and Ecology
Mob: +91 9020453644

Jithin Johnson

Ph.D. Scholar

Research Area: Pseudoscorpion Taxonomy and Ecology
Mob: +91 9072160405

Aneesh V. Mathew

Ph.D. Scholar

Research Area: Pseudoscorpion Systematics and Ecology
Mob: +91 8075851049

Mathew M.J

Research Interests: Arachnology, Ecology & Biodiversity; Ph.D. - FRI University, Dehra Dun; Postdoctoral Fellow - University of Western Australia; Recipient - Endeavour Award, Govt. of Australia; Recipient - Research Grant from International Foundation for Science (IFS), Sweden; Principal Investigator: Spiders in the cloud forests of the sky islands in Western Ghats: A taxonomic and eco-biogeographical approach (DST Major); Co-Investigator: Diversity and composition of litter and ground-dwelling spiders in the Western Ghats (DST Major); Publications: 20; Member-American Arachnological Society; Member-Australasian Arachnological Society; Member-Asian Society for Arachnology